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Stuff A Bus Comes To Siwanoy!

By Guilia Rocha, Staff Reporter

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On the 8th of November, 2017, Stuff a Bus came to Siwanoy School. The bus came to collect P.J’s for a program called the Pajama Program. This program collects pajamas for kids who don’t have any. I asked Mrs. Gilbert, Siwanoy’s principal, how she felt about the pajama program. Mrs..Gilbert replied, ” I really think it is a wonderful program.” It is also a great way to get pajamas and books to kids who don’t have any.  It is  good for the students to understand that there are children that have a lot less then they do.” I asked do you think Siwanoy School will continue doing this program when you are not principal anymore. Mrs.Gilbert answered, “Yes, because people know it’s a great program, and we have been doing it for years. So I think that this program will continue.”   I also asked Greg McFarland, who was one of the Fifth graders that carried the bags of pajamas and boxes of books to the bus. I asked him how it felt to carry the bags. Greg said, ” It felt nice. The bags were really heavy.” My last question was, “Do you like stuff a bus?” He  answered yes, the program makes me feel like I am helping people.” I agree that Stuff a Bus is a wonderful program that I was glad to be a part of!


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Stuff A Bus Comes To Siwanoy!