Kindergarten Buddies

By Claire Landy, Staff Reporter

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         Nov. 9 2017, the fifth grade class of 5L had a publishing party with KR. Kindergarteners read their narratives to their 5th grade buddies. The teachers paired them together. Also, the kindergartners came with a book that they want their buddies to read to them. The majority of 5L likes having kindergarten buddies. “Once you meet your partner (s), it’s like you are perfect for them,” says Olivia Oguz, a fifth grade buddy. The buddies will meet a few times a month and do activities like collecting leaves to make a figure or publish books.  “I think it is good to have a fifth grade buddy because it is fun to play with them, and when you get to know them, they are like your best friend,” says Anna Landy, a kindergartner. They will meet up again in December.