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Having Fun on Halloween

By Avril Fenlon, Staff Reprter

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We all know that Halloween ended just about a week ago, and even though some kids are upset that the fun holiday is over, everyone has a lot to talk about. Candy, costumes, haunted houses, the list goes on. But at Siwanoy School, everything was totally epic! In and out of school, kids had an awesome time. My class started the Tuesday morning just normal, doing math and chorus. But at 11:45, tons of kids went home to change into some awesome costumes. From clowns to unicorns, pigs to Minions, even teachers dressed up! After everyone got back to school, we were treated with classrooms filled with fun activities. In 5th grade, everyone separated into groups and went into the classrooms. We made rainbow pumpkins, mini mummies and even a game of halloween bingo! There was also a fun photobooth arranged by parents. We took fun pictures with all our friends! After we had been to the classrooms it was time for the amazing parade. The whole school got into the gym and we got ready to walk out to a whole lot of parents, siblings and friends. Then the door opened, and we got outside! The cool breeze hit our faces. We walked out to see people cheering and taking pictures. We walked and waved with pride. We walked around the whole playground almost 3 times! We went back inside and then went out to go home. Then everyone went their own ways, either to Halloween parties or to trick or treat. Everyone had a good time and we all knew this would be what everybody would be talking about the next day. It was definitely a great Halloween.

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Having Fun on Halloween