Colonial Times Reporters Teach Siwanoy Spotlight Reporters

By Greg Mcfarland, Staff Reporter

Recently, Mr. Zahradnik from the Pelham Newspaper, Mrs. Wilson  and six Colonial students visited Siwanoy to share how to use the online newspaper with 5L. They told us how to write stories and how to log in and how to submit stories to our online newspaper called, The Siwanoy Spotlight. I interviewed Ashok Seecharran and asked him if he thought it was helpful and he said, “Yes, I’m happy they came.” I also asked if he was happy the news was online now? He replied, “No I think it was better on paper.” So Ashok does not like it, but 13 out of 20 kids in my class like that it is online. Henry Hawkins says he likes it because, “It is easier for parents to see.” They also taught us how to navigate the website.  They helped us with our bios and explained what they do when they write stories and when they go to events in the school.  Thanks for coming, Colonial!