Siwanoy’s Newspaper Switch!

By Hew Johnson, Staff Reporter

This year Siwanoy has switched to a new awesome online newspaper.  We used to have a paper copy and this is the first year we went online. I interviewed people to see what they think.  First up is fifth grader Justin Cohen.  I asked, “How do you feel about the new online newspaper?”  Justin said, “I think it is pretty cool and I like that the fifth graders are the founders of it.  Although I don’t think many people are going to read it as much as the paper we took home.”   I also asked,  “Will you read the online newspaper?” Justin said, “Yes so I can see my work and my classmate’s work.”  Now that you know a students point of view, I decided to ask a teacher.  This time I interviewed Ms. Lanzillotto head of the online newspaper, “What are your thoughts on the new online newspaper?” Ms. Lanzillotto replied,  “I am excited to put all of your articles online, and I think more parents will look at it.  I like that it has different categories like entertainment, sports, community, etc., and I like the staff profiles.”  Well I think that we can all agree that both the students and staff are excited to start to launch this new online newspaper and   personally I think that this new online newspaper will be a hit.