Siwanoy’s New Gym Floor

Siwanoy's New Gym Floor

By Dari Jeffries and Abigail Rodriguez

Have you noticed the shiny, new gym floor lately?  After many years of Intramurals, games and lunchroom antics, the old floor has been replaced with a smoother, shinier surface.  The new colorful floor makes the room appear bigger and brighter. Hopefully, this new floor will give us many years of pleasure (like the old one did) if we take good care of it.  This is what Mr. Maley thinks about it. We asked, “Are you happy about the new gym floor?” He said, “Yes, I am very happy about it.” We also asked, “How long did Siwanoy have the old floor?” He answered “Well I’ve been at Siwanoy for 21 years and they never changed the floor, and I think this is the first time.” We also asked, “Did you think we needed a new floor?” He said, “Yes, I think we definitely needed a new floor, the old one was cracking underneath the wood.” Our final question was, “What do you think are some ways to keep the floor looking new?” He answered, “If everyone wears appropriate shoes we won’t scratch it up, and if everybody picks up food after themselves, it will keep the floor cleaner. And it will be less work for Mr. Klein and Mr. Bartucca, our custodians.” In conclusion, let’s all do our part to keep it looking this way for many years to come!