D.A.R.E Graduation

By Ciara Lynch

Do you know what D.A.R.E is? Well if you haven’t heard, D.A.R.E happens at the fifth grade classroom with Officer Rob Vogel teaching fifth graders about drugs, alcohol, and smoking.  So that is what D.A.R.E is and what the fifth graders have learned about! On Thursday 13, 2020 the fifth graders had a graduation for D.A.R.E. The fifth graders got certificates and graduated their D.A.R.E class! I interviewed some fifth graders to see what they thought about graduating and how they liked their D.A.R.E class. I interviewed Ciara Lynch a fifth grader to see how she liked D.A.R.E class and she said “I liked doing activities because we got to do fun skits but I also liked learning strategies while doing those activities in D.A.R.E class”. I also interviewed another fifth grader, Max Hutchinson to see how he liked the D.A.R.E graduation and he said, “I liked the D.A.R.E graduation because it was a good practice for the moving up ceremony at the end of the year, and also I liked leading the Pledge for everyone because it helped me practice some of my speaking skills in front of a crowd.” If you are in a younger grade, as you can see, D.A.R.E is a great thing to look forward to and these fifth graders have really enjoyed it.