Serving up a Story


As you may know, there is a fundraiser around the middle of the year called Pasta Night. The money from the tickets goes to the fifth grade graduation and field trips. Every year, a bunch of fifth graders go to serve everybody pasta. Buttery pasta, pasta with sauce, meatballs, and tons of dessert; Pasta Night is fun for everyone. I interviewed some people to see what they thought about serving pasta. ” Pasta night was really fun. You got to run around and dance with your friends. Also, it was great serving pasta because you could tell people to come to you,” says Sophie Apmann.  A few other people had different thoughts on Pasta Night, but nevertheless they loved it. ” Serving pasta was a little hard, ” says Miri Forand, a fifth grader, ” But otherwise it was fun. You got to dance with your friends. It was just a great experience.” Gavin Keating, another fifth grader that helped out serving pasta at Pasta Night, says, ” It was very fun and exciting. My friends and I were able to laugh and have a good time. It was very fun, we got to dance and hang out.” I asked him what the future servers should be like and what they should do. ” They should have fun, and make it great for everyone.” Pasta Night is a great opportunity for kids and their friends to have fun and get their minds off school for a while. Now, let’s serve you up a story!