Lunch Erichment at Siwanoy

By Lilliana Nover-Baker

Lunch Enrichment is very fun. There are many different types of classes.  For example: Cupcake Decorating, Sew Much Fun, Watercoloring, Trading Cards,  Learn to be a Magician, Knitting, And Minecraft.  The two I interviewed students from were Knitting, and Minecraft.  First, I interviewed Daniela who is in Knitting. She told me it is really fun to learn all the different types of things you can make. Some of those things you can make are bags, hats, scarves, headbands, pom poms, and blankets.  There is also beginner knitting and advanced knitting.  Then I interviewed Hunter from Minecraft. He also told me that the teacher shows you the materials and how to build it. Before you do do anything the teacher shows you what it looks like. Also you get to have fun and play with it.  These are some of the fun Erichment Classes you can do at lunch!