It’s My Birthday!

By Caroline Gammon, Staff Reporter


I’m just so jittery

Just so excited

Everything’s glittery!

My alarm clock goes off,

After I wake up,

I jump out of bed

Then I start to cough…

But that doesn’t stop me

I bound down the stairs

Only to be greeted

By confetti squares!

Everyone’s singing

A song of good cheer

But everything’s silent,

When they suddenly hear

I sneeze like a dog

And cough like a cat

Then I rush upstairs

And pull on a warm hat

I nestle in my blankets

As tears spring to my eyes

But I’m in better spirits

When I look out the corner of my eye

I look at my Mom

And my Dad and my Granny

When they open the door

And guess what they hand me!

A squirming little box

With pretty pink wrapping

And out jumps a pup,

Just licking and yapping!

“Oh, how adorable!”

I exclaim in glee

But guess what then happens

He starts to pee!

Everyone’s jaws drop

As the puppy starts panting

But then a laughing rings out

And we all start ranting!

This was the best birthday ever!

Cough, cough,  SNEEZE!