Not Sick

tribute poem to Sick by Shel Silverstein

By Samantha Bonanno, Staff Reporter

I can truly go to school cough today,

I feel fine in every sneeze way,

My Ow stomach doesn’t have a nagging pain,

Those chicken pox you see are in your brain,

My vision isn’t going blurry,

although you have four feet,

There’s no need to worry!

There is no way I feel hot,

Your hand is just cold a lot

I’m having fun in every way

Just let me go to school today

I do not have even one pink eye

I don’t even have a small sty

I know my face may look red

But it’s just the reflection of the sheets in my bed

There is no way that I am shivering

That is just your two eyes quivering

I do not have a rash and hives

You wouldn’t see that throughout a million lives

My allergies aren’t acting up,

We’re not even around a pup!

My throat doesn’t feel very scratchy-

Yes! I can talk louder than this!

Whisper scream!

Ok fine, but admit it, my acting is really funny,

I’ll stay home as long as I get to study.