Student Government Update

By Lindsay McCormick, Staff Reporter

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Student government has had five meetings since it began in November. On the first meeting they came up with and held a vote for new Siwanoy spirit days. The students decided on mismatched day, sports day, and hat day. Hat day already passed on December seventeenth (12/17). The date of  mismatched day and sports day are yet to be decided.   Over the holiday season we collected toys fot Toys For Tots.  We are always looking for fundraisers to help people.  At the most recent student government meeting the representatives sorted all the box tops into bags of fifty. Then they counted them up and got the total amount of money made, we made about $250 all thanks to the kind people in the school who took the time to cut out and bring in box tops. The student government will have many more meetings to go where they will discuss new topics and subjects.