Winter Concert News

By Lily Roberts, Staff Reporter

We all know that its beginning to feel like winter. Just like every year we have our winter and spring concert. And that’s what I’m here to talk to you about today. I’m going to yo to talk you about the band part, I have interviewed our band teacher, Mr. Martineau and students of his. I have asked him some questions about him and his classis. What is your favorite instrument to  play?” Tuba ”Why did you start band and how old were you,” Because my Mom, Dad, and Grandpa played.  ”Why did you start to teach band” I want for kids to enjoy band as much as I do, ”Do you think your students like band as much as you ?” He said yes. ”How do you think the new website can help your students?” Practice will be more fun and more eager to practice.  All students’ did a great job at the concert.  The 4th and 5th grade chorus sounded really good and it was a success!