BioBus Comes to Siwanoy Elementary School!

By Caroline Gammon, Staff Reporter

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On November 8th and 9th, the BioBus came to Siwanoy Elementary School.   The BioBus is a mobile science lab designed to teach kids about ecosystems in a fun, inquiry-based, age appropriate, hands-on environment.  The bus came equipped with microscopes and kids got to learn about all different kinds of science topics and study about them.  Each class had a 45 minute time frame to board the BioBus and work with biologists, making great observations, about the science they were studying. The courses for each grade were selected by Mrs. Gilbert, the school’s principal, and faculty members for each grade.  For example, the kindergarten looked at skin, hair and clothes under the microscope.  The 5th grade observed tiny living things and little pieces of leaves from pond water under the microscope.  Also, the 2nd grade looked at tiny orgaisms in tubes through the microscopes.  They said it was very fun to go on the BioBus and look at things we cant see without microscopes.  The lab sessions were fun for the kids, while also teaching them a lot about the life under the microscope, which led to many observations from the kids and questions answered by the two scientists who run the BioBus. In the lab, kids were able to learn a lot more about the science they were studying, in age appropriate courses for each grade, and could apply that knowledge to science they’re learning in class. Overall, the kids had a very fun time on the BioBus, learning about a variety science topics, in a fun environment, which will help them in science; school and beyond. For more information about the BioBus, please visit the BioBus website at