Student Goverment

By Anabelle Mount, Staff Reporter

On 11/7/18 the third fourth and fifth graders voted for president and vice president of the school.  Ella Timmermans and John Salerno  ran for 5 R for 5 F Lindsay McCormick and Quentin Meyer.  Later that day at town meeting the principal announced that Lindsay McCormick and Quentin Meyer are our new 2018-2019 president and vice president of Siwanoy School.  Lindsay says, “I want this school to be a good environment for people to learn and do the things they enjoy.  I also want to raise money for kids who do not have money for education. ”   In class very body razed there hands and nominated people for a reason.  The top two people got president and vice president and the other top two got to be class representatives.  Then the president and vice president from each class had a few days to make a speech and then say them in front of the 3-5 graders.  Now we have new student government students for this year.