Intramural Captains

By Julia Powers, Staff Reporter

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In case you don´t know, during lunch and recess lots of people sign up for Intramurals. Intramurals is a thing you do with a team for four seasons throughout the year with Mr. Maley. The four sports they do in Intramurals are scooter football, volleyball, scooter hockey, and basketball. Recently Intramurals has started and The captains have been picked and teams have been made. The captains are Frankie Konigsberg, Quentin Meyer, Celeste Kalehoff, Parker Koupal, James Fradkin, Victoria Tesoro, Caitlin Rutiguliano, and Alec To. These captains have big responsibilities to manage their team well and choose the right assistant captains.

Frankie Konigsberg says it is very hard to manage your team as a captain. Quentin Meyer also says that it is very hard to manage his team but he try’s his best to put everyone on his team in a position that they like. I asked Mr. Maley how he picks the sports. ” I do it based on how much space we have in the gym.” he says  I also asked him how he picks the captains and he said ” I watch most of them when they’re even in kindergarten to see if they’re kind and have leadership skills.” Congratulations to the captains and teams and I hope to those of you who don’t know about intermerals have learned a lot about it. Thanks!