Siwanoy Why And Why Nots

By Lily Roberts, Staff Reporter

This year one of the most popular sports in Siwanoy is basketball.  Hear is why some people play.Here is why people play, Charlotte Gomprecht it is her favorite sport.She plays because it runs in there family.  I asked her if people tried it do you think they would like it,she said, ”I think if they tried it they would like it”.Anna Roberts she says ”I love playing with a team and we get to have fun”.Ella Timmermans started ”when one of my older brother started playing and started to get good at it”.Parker koupul ”I watched it with my dad when I was little and it looked fun so I started playing”.This is why people play.Frankie Ring does not play because,”In the Bronx you had to be a certain height to play.  ”I knew I wasn’t that height,”Samantha Bonano,”I don’t really like sports.” When I tried to play I was really bad at it.Chis Gomprecht is the coach and I asked his some questions and here they are. If you didn’t play basketball what sport would you play,I would play soccer because I was really good at it.”Why did you start,” “I started because my dad played wan he was a kid and ad he had fun with it so I tried it to and I loved it. Were you any good when you started?” “No I was horrible and I thought I was the the best on the team, but my dad said to me, “You know your the worst on the team and after that I got really good. That’s why its one of the most popular sports in Siwanoy.