Welcome Kindergarteners!

By Anna Roberts, Staff Reporter

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Everyone knows that their are a lot of new students, but mostly the Kindergartners.  There has never been three kindergarten classes since 2012, six years ago.  This year there our 4 sets of twins, all boy and girl.  They are, Joshua and Hannah, Maddie and Oliver, Scarrlett and Liam and Teddy and Anna. This year the fifth graders get a chance to kindergarten help.  Kindergarten helping is when the fifth graders first take the kindergarteners to their classroom to drop off their stuff, and then bring them outside to play and run around.  Fifth graders also have their buddy classes, 5R is with KL and 5F is with KR.  5F went to KR to see them on October 17th to see their first published writing piece.  One of the fifth graders said, ” I like to teach them something new and have a great time with them.”  Mrs. Liapis runs kindergarten helping everyday and makes sure things go well,  and she will always help the Kindergarten helpers.  She knows every single kindergartners’ name by heart in only two short months.  One thing that I noticed in KL is that the two most popular things that the kindergartners like to do is make legos and draw anything with their imagination and their creativity. All the kindergartners are different in many ways, some like playing sports and are always confident in themselves, works hard and try their best, others make up games and use their imagination, and others like to be wild and use tons of energy.  Just remember whenever you see them just make their day and give them a smile or a wave.