Cupcake Debate

By Caroline Gammon, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Gilbert has implemented a new class birthday snack policy- no more snacks.  Instead, kids can bring in small toys, like tiny erasers, cool pencils, or plastic collectibles to celebrate their birthdays in the classroom.

I interviewed 4th graders Camille Rowe and Eliza Koff on their thoughts about the new policy. Their responses were: “It was fun to bring in snacks, so I do miss it, but some kids have allergies, so I think it’s better for them.” and “It’s a better way to show kids the meaning of birthdays instead of it just being about the snacks.”

I also interviewed a couple of 2nd graders.  McKenna O’Hara said: “It’s a good idea. Some kids have allergies, so I think people with them won’t feel so left out.  And the things we do instead are really fun!”  And Caroline Gould, another 2nd grader, said: “If there’s an allergy, people could get really sick, so it’s good.”

Although, some people thought differently.  A few 5th graders started a petition trying to get the snacks back.  Quite a few people signed it, including almost the entire 5th grade!  Eventually, it was shut down by one of the recess monitors, but kids got quite a kick out of it!

Mrs. Gilbert spoke to the 5th grade after recess, implying that ‘it’s good that [5th graders] know that they have a voice in Siwanoy School.’ but the petition was not put into action, which kids were disapointed about.

Kids have different perspectives on the new policy, but one thing for sure is that birthdays in the classroom are still very fun!