Intramurals – New Year New Season

By Samantha Ann Bonanno, Staff Reporter

A new year means a new season and a new team for Intramurals. There are lots of teams including The Derpy Ducks (Quinten Meyer, captain), The Fighting Falcons (Victoria Tesoro), The Raging Rainbows (Alec To), The Dominating Donkeys (Frankie Konigsberg), The Krushing Koalas (James Fradkin), The Champion Cheetahs (Celeste Kalehoff), The Blazing Bulls (Caitlin Rutigliano), and The Powerful Pugs (Parker Koupal). The first game happened on October tenth, Blazing Bulls versus Raging Rainbows and it took place in the gym. The Blazing Bulls won 18-15 in a glorious victory.

There is a lot of leadership in Intramurals. Captain Victoria said, “I have lots of responsibilities. I don’t want to let my team down.” A lot of the dutiesĀ fall on Intramural captains. They have to make sure their team is ready for a game, make sure they know their positions, and make sure they know if they play in the first half or the second half. Since you can’t be an Intramural captain in fourth grade it’s a new experience that the captains are ready and excited to take on.

In Intramurals, team scores are evaluated by three criteria: sportsmanship, attendance, and winning record. To prove that Siwanoy is a place where “every child matters” sportsmanship plays a huge role in scores. Attendance is also very important. When everyone is present the team functions at its highest level. The need for a winning record needs no elaboration.

People have different views on Intramurals. Fifth grade former champion Connor said ” I love to incorporate competition in school. You get to experience real life problems. You get to work with other people. I love it! You win some you lose some it’s all about the fun.” But an anonymus says “I didn’t do Intramurals because I don’t like sports.” Whereas Daniel said “I like Intramurals and I think it’s for everyone.” Interviews with second graders revealed if they’re looking forward to playing Intramurals or not. Second grader Josephine said “It’s not regular games. I’m excited to do it.” Another second grader strongly disagrees. Second grader Lucy says”I don’t want to do it ’cause it’s boring and it takes away your recess.” Fourth grader Stella says “I’m excited to see if I can be a captain next year.”

Despite different opinions, Intramurals is a great experience for everyone. Players and spectators alike.