Siwanoy Newspaper Is Back In Business

By Lindsey McCormick, Staff Reporter

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As you can probably tell, the Siwanoy Newspaper is up and running again. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a small group of about twenty fifth graders. On every other Thursday they meet in KL to submit new story. “I think it’s a really great opportunity for fifth graders who have a passion for writing.” Caroline Gammon, a member of the writing staff  says. Hukam Singh from 1D agrees that it will be exiting, interesting, and a good opportunity. So the Siwanoy Newspaper begins. But this is the very beginning. As more exciting things come, there will be more stories, and many, many, more papers.

In fifth grade, not everyone chooses to do the Siwanoy Newspaper. You don’t have to participate.