Basketball Hoops Get Updated

By Charlotte Cohn, Staff Reporter

On Monday, September 29, 2018, Siwanoy Elementary School got two new basketball hoops.  These new basketball hoops are now the hit of the school!  “These basketball  hoops have much better netting.  They are really a great improvement,’ said anonymous student.  Second grader Caroline Gould, said, “I feel really good about them.”  However, we interviewed two people who didn’t agree. “I didn’t really like them,” said second grader Mckenna O’Hara. “I don’t like them.  I want them to get a soccer net”, said Kindergartner Matty Cohn.  Now, lets hear from some fifth graders.  “I think they are better and easier to shoot on.  It was a good change because the other ones were old,’  said Abby Ginn. We also interviewed Lily Roberts who said, “I love them there definitely better than the other ones. They are higher up and more like real basketball hoops.”  In general, these basketball hoops are a success. Siwanoy has really made a great improvement. I hope you play a game!