Travel Soccer: What Really Goes On!

By Charlotte, Caitlin and Frankie, Staff Reporter

Do you play travel soccer? Well,  if you do not this will tell you reasons to start and why not to start. 14 people in the 5th grade play travel soccer. Conner Molineaux states, ”It is easy, all you need is a soccer ball and four cones, and the minority of people know how to play, also the groups of boys I play with do not play soccer.” That is why Conner stopped playing. If you play soccer then you probably know have a trainer met to trainers. Phil : Phil coaches for many teams but he has an interesting back round. Phil grew up in Sweeten until he was 19. He started playing soccer at the age of four,his dad got him into playing.  Phil says “Pelham is a good place.” “I suggest everyone plays it all you need is a ball.” Li : Li started playing soccer in Africa.  He started playing at school because it was a popular sport in Africa. His parents thought he was good so they sent him to a soccer academy in Africa. His father was traveling so it was hard to stayed in one academy. Also He kept getting injured so he stopped playing.” I suggest all people play soccer because you learn to come as a team and leave as a team.” Why is soccer so popular? In our opinion we think soccer is popular because it is easy and exhilarating. We also find that more girls in fifth grade play than girls in forth grade, and the boys in forth grade play more than in fifth grade. We think the boys in fifth grade are more entertained with Fornite, football, hockey, and lacrosse. In conclusion this is why we think like and dislike soccer.