Third Grade Dances Around the World.

By Henry Hawkins, Staff Reporter

On May 30, 2018 the third graders performed their Dance Around the World. Sponsored by PTA Cultural Arts, there were 3 dances. The Mexican dance, performed by 3C was called the Mexican Hat Dance. The hats were Mexican sombreros. In the dance the dancers dance around the sombreros. The next dance was from Scotland. It was performed by 3D. It was called the Scottish Sword Dance. Back then they used an actual sword. If you don touch the sword, it was a good omen and you would be a good soldier. If you touched the sword, it was a bad omen and you would die in battle. The last dance was Merengue. It was performed by 3M. There was a big Congo line and a limbo. At the end, all the adults and kids got up and danced.