Emma Otheguy Comes to Siwanoy to Talk About Her Bilingual Book!

By Olivia Oguz, Staff Reporter

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On Monday, May 21st, Emma Otheguy came to talk to the Siwanoy and Colonial 5th graders. She came to talk about her new bilingual book “Marti’s Song of Freedom;  Marti y sus versos por la libertad,” which is about Jose Marti. She talked about how her family is very close to Jose Marti and what he has done for Cuba. She was talking about how her family is bilingual and how her parents came from Cuba. Bilingual means someone speaks two languages fluently. Emma came to Siwanoy when she was little! After she read the book she answered some questions. One question was “How long did it take you to write the book?” She said, “It took me 5 years to write it because I made so many drafts then getting them printed and shipped over seas. So that’s why it took so long.” After a couple questions she taught us a song which was made from Jose Marti’s poems which in my opinion was really cool.