Spring is Here

By Abigail Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

It’s April! The happy month with cheer,

But don’t worry this weather with soon have you grinning from ear to ear,

And don’t be mad I’ll be there too

Then we can watch the sky turn blue

As these gloomy clouds are passing over

We can go play with your new puppy Clover


As the grass if becoming green

No need to be mean,

But don’t be sad when spring says bye,

Because then we’ll have May to say hi,

The birds are just getting warmed up,

But as the State test rolls around, we’ll need to catch up.


For now we’ll have spring for a while,

But to get back in shape we’ll have to run a mile,

April is the beautiful month of spring,

So why don’t we get up and listen to the birds sing,

Spring is exciting like the forth of July,

But according to the weather I think we’ll just have to ask Bill Nye.