The Fifth Grade Basketball Semifinal and Championship


By Maddie Horner, Staff Reporter

It was an exciting day for the 5L Layup Lizards, the 5R Dunking Donuts and the 5F Dribbling Ducks. These were the fifth grade teams that made it to championship day. There was as very long and hard season and every team worked hard to be there. The Ducks had a buy to the championship so, first up was the Lizards and the Donuts. The stage was filled with screaming fans. The tip off of the semifinal game began with Grace Kiamie and Conner Bryan. The Donuts controlled. Back and forth each team scored. Finally, the Donuts took the lead. After a hard battle the final score was 13-7 donuts. Next was the final round. The Donuts were playing the Ducks. Quickly the Ducks and the Donuts scored. There was a fierce battle between Conner Bryan and Colin Phang. The Ducks started pulling away. After 4 fouls Conner fouled out. The final score was 22-7. The Ducks were victorious! Congratulations to Maddy Dannecker and all of the Dribbling Ducks.