Dr. Seuss Week

By Nellie Koonce, Staff Reporter

Dr.Seuss week was a big success, everyone was perfectly dressed. All of us were in the spirit, read Dr. Seuss- we all want to hear it!

From March 5 to March 9  Siwanoy celebrated Dr.Seuss week. On Monday we wore either our favorite or craziest hat to celebrate The Cat in the Hat. Then, on Tuesday we wore a shirt with writing on it in honor of I Can Read With My Eyes Shut. Wednesday we wore wacky clothing, for the book Wacky Wednesday.  Thursday we wore miss-matched or crazy socks to celebrate Fox in Sox. Finally on Friday, students throughout the school brought in a green snack, in honor of Green Eggs and Ham. During the whole week there were  fun maker activities for each grade, like making  a “wocket  in your pocket” creature or creating a wacky food combo like green eggs and ham.  All of this was part of National Read Across America week (kids all over America read these books) which celebrated the birthday of the beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss.