3rd Grade’s Chinese New Year Celebration!

By Avril Fenlon, Staff Reporter

So, as some of you may know, Chinese New Year is a festival marking the start of their new year. It started on February 16th this year. So yesterday, March 1st, 2018, the three third grade classes celebrated Chinese New Year  in the Siwanoy gym. I think everyone enjoyed! I went to the celebration for a while and I definitely enjoyed myself! All three classes sat at a long table where they ate delicious food like dumplings, fruit, rice, and fortune cookies. The food was very good! After everyone finished eating, there were fun activities and crafts like making lanterns, chinese dragon puppets, and fun chinese games. But, right before the fun games started, kids from the Pelham Memorial High School (PMHS) came and helped out. It was really nice. In between everything, I had a chance to interview some students. The first question I asked was, “Have you ever celebrated Chinese New Year before?” Most of the kids said no, but one student from 3M told me she had celebrated once in preschool. Everybody seemed excited for all the activities to come. So, in conclusion, everybody had a great time and they loved the food, games and crafts. Happy Chinese New Year!