2nd Grade Biography Day!

By Olivia Oguz, Staff Reporter

On Friday March 2nd, 2018,  the 2nd graders had Biography day. All of them were dressed as people who inspire them. I interviewed some kids to see what they learned about the person they dressed up like. I asked Sophia Iornside why she chose Molly Brown. She said, “I chose her because she is not legendary to much and was on the Titanic.” I asked Mateo Oguz, ” What is the coolest thing you learned about Abraham Lincoln?” He said, “He freed slaves.” I asked Sam Roberts how are you inspired by Tom Brady? He said, “He was one of the best QB’s in the NFL.” I asked Lila what Cammi Granato’s biggest accomplishment was. She said, “She was the first women deducted to the hockey hall of fame.” I asked Alice Kiami what she found interesting about P.T. Barnum and she told me that he did not think of the name Circus. I wanted to get creative so I asked Madeline Albus (Amelia Earhert) what did it feel like to fly. She said, “It felt very good and exciting.” I think the 2nd grade Biography Day was a success and very fun.