Fourth Grade Band Recital

By Maddie Horner, Staff Reporter

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On February 9th, 2018 the fourth graders put on their fancy clothes for their first band recital in Siwanoy. They started off with a five note scale. Mr. Martineau, the band teacher explained they have worked very hard and are very excited to be there. Next they played Hot Cross Buns. This song includes three notes. After a very well played song they started to have soloists play. There was a great start by Emma Schlumbom playing Mary Had A Little Lamb and then two other soloists. Then they played Country Walk. The crowd loved it. You could see all of the joy on there faces. They went back to soloists and twelve other songs were played. Next they played Lightly Row Duet. Finally as a perfect ending they played Song Of The Fjords. There is a total of twenty-eight members of the fourth grade band. We loved your recital and we hope you all come back next year!