Pasta Night!


By Judy Brandler, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, January 30th, the 5th grade had Pasta Night.  We had it at the Pelham High School cafeteria. This is a fundraiser for 5th grade.  We use the money for our Moving Up Ceremony and other end of the year expenses.  5th graders designed their own aprons in class before the event.  All 5th graders had a chance to serve pasta. The pasta came from the  restaurant Villaggio. “It was fun to give people some pasta,” Sonia Brown said.  There was buttered pasta, sauced pasta, and meatballs.  For dessert there were cookies, brownies, cupcakes and more.  Kids were able to dance to music that the DJ was playing.  Also kids had fun making arts and crafts.  Overall, Pasta Night was a success!