3rd Grade’s First Concert!

By Greg McFarland, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, January 24, the Third Grade orchestra had their first concert, and the 5th grade orchestra played in the background.  First,  they played Beguine, a  piece that is bowing all the open strings (G,D,A,E) . Next came Hot Cross buns. They sang the notes  (F# E D) then they plucked the notes and last they bowed the song. After that they played the dad song (D A D).  First everybody played the song. Then the cello, bass, and some violas played Hot Cross Buns and the violins and the rest of the violas played the Dad song and then they switched. Then the third graders had some solos; we heard Jingle bells, Christopher’s Tune, Ode to Joy and many more. Then came the Walking Song. After that came Seminole chant. After that was We Will Rock You, which had electric basses in the background. Then the 5th graders played a piece called Habanera. After that Claire Landy had a solo and she played a piece called the Brook.  Lastly, to finish it all off they played Beguine one last time.