The Fifth Grade In-Class Volleyball Grade Championship Game is Here!

By Alle Hughes, Staff Reporter

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In fifth grade, we play something called in class Intramurals. This is when each fifth grade class is split into three teams. These three teams each play each other and at the end of the season, they crown a class champion. This year, the 5F class champion was the “Bossy Bacon”, the 5L class champion was the “Turbo Turtles”, and the 5R class champion was the “Serving Serpents”.  The captain of the Bossy Bacon is,  Addison Cross. The Captain of the Serving Serpents is, Lila Resnick, and the captain of the Turbo Turtles is, Justin Cohen. In the first game, the Serving Serpents played the Turbo Turtles. It was an intense game. At first, The  Serpents were in the lead, but not soon after, the Turtles came back and took the lead. Then once again, the Serpents came back and were in the lead for awhile. It was 19-16 game point Serpents, but then Olivia Oguz came up to serve, tied up the score, and won the game for her team. She had just placed the Turtles a spot in the final match. The final match was the Bossy Bacon v.s. the Turbo Turtles. It was a tough game for the Bacon. The Turtles kept their winning streak going and beat the Bacon. The final score was, 20-16, in favor of the Turtles. Congratulations to Justin Cohen and his team the Turbo Turtles for winning the champion ship game. Great job to the Bossy Bacon and the Serving Serpents for making it to the Championship game, and putting up a tough fight.