Siwanoy Spotlight

2017-2018 Staff

Alle Hughes

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Alle Hughes! I am a funny girl who loves soccer, football, basketball, and skiing. I am 11 years old. My favorite sports teams are Barcelona, Real Madrid,  Manchester United, USWNST, the Jets, and the New York...

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Maddy Dannecker

Staff Reporter

Hi I am Maddy. I am 10 years old and I am funny and  athletic. I love soccer, basketball, lacrosse and pigs. My favorite soccer teams are USWNT and Arsenal. Also my favorite color is blue and pink. I am very excited to write...

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Kate Boyce

Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Kate! I am 10 years old and in 5th grade. My favorite color is green,  my favorite subject is social studies and my favorite animal is a raccoon. I enjoy playing basketball, soccer, lacrosse, softball, tennis and...

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Sophia Greco

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Sophia Greco, I am apart of the Siwanoy Spotlight and I love basketball, ice cream, unicorns, slime, roblox, kittens, my nintendo switch, and the color teal.  My favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors...

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Uma Kancharla

Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Uma and I am a staff reporter for the Siwanoy Spotlight. I am ten years old and in 5th grade. I like to read, skate, and hike. I am a big animal lover.

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Elayna McMahon

Staff Reporter

Hi I'm Elayna! I have a dog named Roxie and she is super playful. I love to read and play with friends.

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Chloe Choulet

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Chloe Choulet. I am in fifth grade and I have a younger sister in class  KPR. I love animals and books. I am french and I love going on vacation with my family. My favorite  color is blue and I play the violin.

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Julian Kalehoff

Staff Reporter

Hi. I'm Julian Kalehoff. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. I go sailing every Sunday. I play basketball, lacrosse and sailing.

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Dennis Condon

Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Dennis Condon. I love basketball and I have a dog named Chloe.

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Judith Brandler

Staff Reporter

Hi! I am Judith Brandler. I love cheese, cats, soccer and acting. I am caring and friendly. I have a fluffy cat named Raisin.

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Jack Otter

Staff Reporter

I am Jack Otter,  your Student Government President. I have two sisters, a 14 year old sister named Lily, and a little sister named Penny who  will go to Siwanoy next year in the Kindergarten. I play baseball, basketball, soccer,...

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Lorenzo Barbieri

Staff Reporter

Hi, I am Lorenzo Barbieri. I am 10 years old, I have COD WWII, I have a loving mother and father, a sister and my man cave is the basment. I like video games, action and gun noises.

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Claire Cahill

Staff Reporter

I am Claire I play basketball,  the violin and I sail. I am a happy funny awesome person. I love animals, sports and my family.

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Lila Walsh

Staff Reporter

Hi! I love animals, music, and gymnastics. I have a dog, a guinea pig, and a fish. I am an awesome and funny person!

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Lila Resnick

Staff Reporter

I like school, music, reading and hanging out with my friends. When I grow up I want to be the President of the United States. I have a younger sister in 1st grade named Nora.

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Henry Yuen

Staff Reporter

Henry is a very caring and funny boy. He has a Youtube channel and loves to play golf and the cello. He used to have birds and a dog, and has 1 older brother and 2 loving parents.

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Nellie Koonce

Staff Reporter

Hello, I am Nellie Koonce.  I play soccer, act a lot, and love cooking and baking.  I have a puppy named  Ginger and two frogs. I love writing.

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Abby Parker

Staff Reporter

I am funny and nice. I love soccer and I hope to be a Soccer player on the US soccer team. I will be reporting news for our Siwanoy newspaper website.

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Cameron Wanuga

Staff Reporter

Cameron is a artistic and creative. Cameron loves writing storing and news.  He loves the outdoors and plays piano and trumpet.  He has an older brother and used to have two hamsters. He is also very caring.

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Shannon Winston

Staff Reporter

Hi! I'm Shannon Winston. I'm a Staff Reporter for the Siwanoy Spotlight. I am a super happy, hyper, fun person. I love that I'm able to write for the online newspaper. The reporters here are amazing and I hope that everyone loves...

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Sonia Brown

Staff Reporter

Hi, I am Sonia Brown! I like gymnastics and cheerleading! I also love to sing! I LOVE CATS!!!!!! My cat's name is Nala, but I like to call her Nazzie. I love! As you can see these are some awesomesauce facts about me!

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Zoe Pursel

Staff Reporter

Hi, I am Zoe Pursel,  I play a good amount of sports.  I play soccer, lacrosse, and basket ball. I have a dog named Rusty and two fish.  I  also really like tacos.

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Paul Mclaughlin

Staff Reporter

Hi, I'm Paul Mclaughlin from Pelham, New York.  I will be reporting and publishing stories for our website. Some of my hobbies are to read, play sports and hang out my friends. I live with my two brothers, Emmett and Patrick,...

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Justin Cohen

Staff Reporter

My name is Justin Cohen.  I have two sisters and a dog.  I like reading, golf, watching t.v., playing with my dog, and playing catch.

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Olivia Oguz

Staff Reporter

Olivia is a funny girl who loves dogs. She loves playing soccer and loves reading and writing. She is one of the first reporters for the online news at Siwanoy School.

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Maddie Horner

Staff Reporter

I am a soccer player, swimmer, softball player, gymnast and actor. I have a dog and a bunny. I am a kind and friendly person. I love sports, art and animals.

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Greg McFarland

Staff Reporter

Hi,  I'm Greg McFarland some of  my favorite  things are baseball, football, and cheeseburgers. My favorite color is orange. I was born on 1/12/07. My favorite football team is the NY Giants and my favorite baseball team is...

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Henry Hawkins

staff reporter

My name is Henry . I'm very interested in Star Wars. I listen to everything I hear at those movies. I wanted to be a reporter because my grandfather was a reporter and an editor for the Post and Courier. I want to be just like...

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Hew Johnson

Staff Reporter

Hew lives with his family of six.  He has three siblings, a sister,  Mattie, a brother Woods, and another brother Whit.  His parents are Catherine Johnson and Darren Johnson.  Hew loves sports, his favorites are football,...

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Jackson Fauber

staff reporter

Hello my name is Jackson Fauber. I like to play basketball. I have a dog named Chance. I go to Siwanoy School.

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Abigail Rodriguez

Staff Reporter

My name is Abigail Rodriguez, I am one of the students who is contributing to the Siwanoy Spotlight. I like reading, drawing, swimming, playing with my dog and watching TV with my family. I live with my grandma, grandfather and...

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Emily Apmann

Staff Reporter

I am a 10 year old girl, who is friendly, caring, kind and an awesome-sauce student. I love art, animals, softball and soccer. I also love to make friends, pottery and I love giving hugs. I want to be a veterinarian, and an artist...

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John McGrory

Staff Reporter

John is an exciting boy who loves dogs.  He also likes football, science and reading.

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Dari Jeffries

Staff Reporter

I am a kind, and friendly girl who has lots of courage.  I love animals, art and soccer.  I have three sisters too!  I hope to someday be a teacher or a professional soccer player when I grow up.   Those are somethings about...

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Ashok Seecharran

Staff Reporter

Ashok Seecharran is loving and caring. He loves to play rugby and soccer. He plays the trumpet and clarinet. He loves his cat Star. He likes cats and dogs.

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Giulia Rocha

Staff Reporter

Giulia Rocha is a smart caring independent girl. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite animals are hedgehogs, foxes and tigers. Her  favorite foods are pasta, pizza, and crapes. Her hobbies are singing, dancing, reading and...

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Henry Brandler

Staff Reporter

Henry Brandler is a caring and loving person. He loves sports such as soccer, football, and basketball. He plays the piano and the french horn. Henry has a cat named Raisin. He loves him so much. Henry Brandler loves cats and...

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Grace Kiamie

Staff Reporter

Hi!  My name is Grace Kiamie and I'm one of the founders of the online Siwanoy Spotlight school newspaper.  I participate in a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, and tennis.  Also, I'm an intramurals captain which...

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Avril Fenlon

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Avril and I love to dance and do fun things with my friends.

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